According to François-Xavier Roux, the doctor for Jong Il after his stroke last summer, said:

“The doctor . . . told Le Figaro, the French daily: “Kim Jong-il suffered a stroke but did not undergo an operation. He is now better.”

Dr. Roux, a Paris-based neurosurgeon, added: “The photos that have just been published seem recent and authentic to me. I have the impression that he is in charge in North Korea. I can’t say more because of medical confidentiality and state secrecy.”

So now we have a question: Who will succeed when he does get his stout little figure in the coffin? He has three sons, and, in North Korean tradition, the oldest succeeds the throne. However, Jong Il plans differently.

Kim Jong Un : The successor!    Kim Jong Il’s youngest son, Kim Jong Un, will probably follow in his father’s footsteps. Jong Un has rbeen named to the powerful National Defense Commission,  very high honor that suggests he may take power. Jong Un, says the personal chef of his father, Kenji Fujimoto, was Jong Il’s favorite. He was a “strong leader” and showed excellent qualities his fathers wanted the country to be under. He attended the International School of Bern, Switzerland and is reported to speak English as well as German and Korean.