The Topic: Abortion
My Stance: Con
My Opponent: FemaleGamer (“Julia”)

I put here quotes in equal signs, and then addressed them individually. This was from awhile ago…

Thanks to FemaleGamer for this wonderful debate. I hope to see the outcome.

I shall start with my opponent’s points and then add some of my own. (NOTE: I will not asses the video; it just reiterates what my opponent says in her argument.)

No nation devoted to individual liberty should force women back to the days of back-alley abortions.
Definition of force::: binding power, as of a contract (2) strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence. [Source: 1]

By outlawing abortion, you do not “force” people to have back alley abortions. If you were forced to have an abortion in a back alley, that would translate into someone holding you down whilst giving you an abortion in an alley. Abortions are always a choice for people to have — I think, though, that the choice is wrong. I want to make sure the choice is for life.

No women should have to bear a child against thier will. Free-will. That’s what I stand for. No, no. That would be terrible, un-ethical and generally wrong. Women with free-will? God-forbid!

Let me show some facts:

1% of all abortions occur because of involuntary or violent reasons (such as incest); 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (ex. the child is unwanted or inconvenient). [2]

This means most make a choice to have ***, and most just plain don’t want the baby. There are few victims here — other than the fetuses.

What about when the protection doesn’t work? Well, when used in the proper way consistently, protection items are around 98% effective. [3] So, we can conclude that most abortions aren’t due to failure of protection.

The fact is that women will always still desire to have an abortion, which some may follow through with. This will never end abortion. You have no control over that.

You are very correct. I will never have control over what people do. However, it is THEIR choice, FemaleGamer, and if they choose to make an illegal and stupid one, so be it.

It is estimated near 1 million women saught for illegal abortions each year before Roe Vs Wade. Thats atleast 1 million babies. End of abortion? I think not! Thousands died, tens of thousands mutilated, forced to behave as if they were criminals.

1 million before Roe v Wade… and 42 million a YEAR after Roe v Wade. Once again, I cannot stress enough on how it is the mother’s choice to have an illegal abortion — if she decides to do something that she knows is illegal, she must realize the consequences. You are also forgetting the one million dead babies before Roe v Wade . The women weren’t the victims in all cases, the fetuses were.

A law making abortion illegal would make a law stating that all fetus’ are superior to women .Apparently women aren’t as important to you as fetus’ are. Good thing women don’t have feelings, or you would be in trouble!

Not at all! I seek to make sure fetuses and women are /equal/. All people are equal, and the fetus is no exception. Women have feelings, and so do fetuses. I want to protect them both with equality to live.

If the government can decide if the women gives birth or not, when will they stop?

If person decides on the life of a baby without consequence, when will they stop?

//Outlaw abortion, and more children, will bear children. 40% of all 14 year old women will become pregnant before they turn 20. Do you want this happening to people you care about?//

The teenagers, like myself (W00T! 13!), make stupid choices. Now, this is not to say that these people are any less, but that their irresponsibility cannot be taken out on the baby.

More children is more UNWANTED children, leaving millions hurt, alone and abused.

Unwanted -; Kill.
That poor man on the side of the highway, with no family or home, is unwanted.
So kill him.

That abused child is lonely and afraid.
So rip out his brains.

That old man, with no family left and no one’s care, is unwanted.
So bleed him to death.


[I have already assessed the following paragraph above.

Thank you for your time, and I hope we can keep this wonderful debate going.

[2] [ blocked by request ]
[3]… (the site lists more sources here)