The first American swine ‘flu death was reported today. The victim was a 23-month-old latin boy who lived in Fort Worth, Texas. Ironically enough, this may be an eye opener, tragic as it is. People don’t seem the realize that the swine is very hazardous — especially with the majority of the world unvaccinated.

In the book Seven Deadly Scenarios, by Andrew P. Krepinevich, a military futurist, he writes what would happen should an influenza plague strike Mexico. He writes from a standpoint in the late 2010s and says what may happen here:

“… as the United States increasingly resembles a vast collection of semi-ghost towns, to the south literally millions of people are on the move [from Mexico]. 
. . .
This human wave also moves in thousands of makeshift watercraft that the US Navy has dubbed “Plague Flotilla” and the “Avian Armada.” . . . all participants are aimed at one goal: crossing the border into the United States, in hope of gaining access to the country’s medical system…”

Moral: If the swine ‘flu progresses, there could be a mass exodus of Mexicans to America for our healthcare. Build a wall, and build it fast.