About two weeks ago, I went up to Wisconsin on a vacation. There I conversed with old friends, swam, etc. However, there was one thing that stood out room other vacations: Meeting multiple political figures at a dinner.

     Scott Walker is running for the governor of Wisconsin. His opponent, Jim Doyle, has done a wonderful joib of being Liberal.  Mr. Walker has a huge success in Milwaukee, the largest city, as mayor. He brought major reforms and reduced debt by at least 40%.

     Jim Doyle, on the other hand, is an idiot. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you have heard of Kleenex, the tissue. Well, that is manuactured by Kimberly-Clark, Inc. Kimberly-Clark USED to be based in Wisconsin. Ater a year or two o Jim Doyle, they let or Texas. Why? I’ll tell you why: Jim Doyle raised the business taxes to the point where Wisconsin is now number 4 in the nation for business tax. When Kimberly-Clark left, so did a lot of jobs.

     When I went to the dinner, I immediately saw Congressman Vern Ehlers, who would later be speaking.

     Throughout the dinner, Mr. Walker pointed out the flaws of our governor, and our state, and what he wanted to do to fix them. If I had to vote in the 2010 election, I would put my vote on Mr. Walker. You can visit his site here.

EDIT: I apologize for mistakes. I knew Mr. Walker was in a position of power of Milwaukee, so I incorrectly assumed it was the city. As it turns out, he is the executive for the county, not the city.