I am a Libertarian, and most of my views correlate with that of the Libertarian Party’s (except that which concerns abortion). I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese, am of German descent, and am an avid Anglican Christian.  I am in my early teens, and I have been debating online since I was roughly ten years old. I started out on a debate site known as ForAndAgainst.

 ForAndAgainst open my eyes. Until that point, I had lived a sheltered bubble of a world — I thought everyone was Christian, everyone tried their best to love and honor God, and that every spelled ‘color’ the American way. I was quite naïve (and I still am) about the world around me. Over the past few years I have joined countless debate groups — most online and not oriented for children. Not that I expected or them to be different. By that time, I knew I was a little more odd than my counterparts.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for reading!